Our Philosophy

Tinkerbell’s Child Care is a privately owned centre dedicated to providing quality care and education in an environment of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide our practices as we develop your child’s sense of identity, community, wellbeing, learning and communication. Each child will be facilitated to learn and develop in a safe, secure, loving, caring and respectful environment where they are encouraged to learn at their own pace without pressure from educators to learn or work faster (Montessori).

The curriculum will be co-constructed by children and educators to provide challenging and varied activities based on individual development (Piaget). The children’s voices and interests are the most important part of our service. The curriculum will be developed with individual/small group planning, intentional teaching, spontaneous and physical experiences. The curriculum will aim to foster and develop the acquisition of life skills, good hygiene practices, toilet training and healthy as well as encouraging environmental responsibility.

Educators believe that each child is part of a family and each family is part of the broader community. By developing an ongoing positive partnership with families, we can enhance a child’s all round development (Vygotsky).

Educators will work in partnership with families in a culture of mutual respect and cooperation. Educators will demonstrate a professional approach at all times and discussions between educators and parents regarding their child will remain confidential.

Families are encouraged to view their child’s portfolios which are readily accessible in all rooms. Families and visitors are welcomed to the centre at any time and are encouraged to discuss their child’s learning and development with room leaders.

Educators will role model positive ideals and behaviours in their interactions with children, their families and other educators. Educators will use Skinner’s approach and reinforce positive behaviours of children.

A high standard of health and safety will be maintained to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children, educators and visitors to the centre. Children’s learning environments will reflect their interests and stage of development. We strive to ensure learning environments benefit the child.

The centre will recognise the personal strengths, professional experiences and diversity that each individual brings to the centre. As individuals, educators will engage in critical reflection, ongoing professional learning and engagement with local communities, services and agencies to develop understanding and actions that support children and families.